Your New High-Tech

Multifunction Hand Dryer

Ensuring restroom hygiene while promoting workplace wellness.

Minimize illness. Promote safe environments. Keep tenants healthy & productive.

Benefits of PureDri

  • Proven to neutralize 98.11% of airborne and surface microorganisms
  • Controls infections by killing bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi
  • Removes odors, pollen, pollution, and smoke
  • Automatic, no-touch, hand drying function
  • Pre-set dry time for hygienic and quick hand drying
  • A blast of super-concentrated ionized air for 6 seconds surrounds hands in sanitized protection
  • Continuous air and surface sanitization of the room, 24 hours per day

See the PureDri in Action

Why PureDri?

24-hour sanitization provides continuous hygiene protection


Runs on just 220 watts, making it the most energy-efficient hand dryer on the market


Following drying cycle, continues to sanitize area up to 215 square feet


Double sanitization levels at the end of every drying cycle


Releases a blast of sanitizing ionized air for extra protection


Efficient jet dry mechanism for speedy hand drying

Continuous Air Purification

No Filters Needed,

Efficient UV-C Technology

LED Lights Let Users Know the Dry Cycle is Complete

Easy Install in New

and Remodeled Washrooms

PureDri is a Hybrid

Infection Control System

The unit provides 24-hour protection, 365 days a year, against airborne and surface microbiological contamination


A protective plasma shield surrounding the user


Powerful, jet-dry hand dryer


Upper chamber sanitization provides continuous hygiene protection


A focused plasma blast to enhance hand hygiene


Electrical Supply
Current Consumption
Nominal Output
Air Volume
Air Velocity
Area Size

10.5″ wide x 32.25″ high x 4″ deep
20.3 pounds
110/240 volts 50/60 Hz
1.7 amps @ 115 volts
0.2 kW
1,200 cubic feet / hour
164′ / second @ 4″
72 dBA
215 square feet

Bobrick Pure Shield

Show you care while creating

a culture of wellness & hygiene

The PureStart Program is designed to earn support and enthusiasm from your most important users: patrons, tenants, and employees.

Blue Lights Mean Sanitized Hands